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Professionel Triathlet

As a former professional cyclist, I have been a part of the world elite in cycling sport.

I have participated in almost all the prestige full tours in the world e.g.


Tour de France, Vuelta Ciclista a España, Paris–Roubaix, Milano-San Remo and many many more.

Though I never was a part of the high seeded individuals I was a 100% loyal team rider, who was always ready to sacrifice myself for the given captain of the team.

Winners are  not people who never fail-

but people who NEVER QUIT


To win the team competition with Team CSC in Tour de France 2003is by far the highlight of my carrier. I stopped my carrier in 2005, due to the high amount of travelling activity that follows with a life as a professional cyclist.

Welcome to


Follow my journey

From Tour de France to

World Championship at Hawaii

In life nothing is certain, but if you are dedicated and don’t give up when the going gets tough, anything is possible.


As a newbie to the discipline,

I want to prove that it’s possible to become one of the best 50 Ironmen in the world.


Getting among the world elite in a brand new sport is no easy task and requires some serious willpower.


I know I have what it takes, and I look forward proving it to both myself and others.


I want to live a limitless life - not listening to naysay- ers. Inspiring and motivating others in the process, while proving that almost anything is possible if only applying enough dedication and willpower to push it through.

The limits to human performance are unknown.

Not that long ago average human life expectancy was 35 years - now it is 80.


Daring to aim for and reach goals that were previously thought of as im- possible is what truly makes individuals stand out.

In 1900, the marathon world record was 2:55m, today the world record is 2:02m.

For many years it was thought impossible to run an English mile (dream mile) in under 4 minutes, but when Roger Banister

in 1954 succeeded in doing so, there were suddenly 8 other runners who managed to do so the same year. Because ”it was made possible”. Today there

are over 20,000 runners who can run a dream mile in under 4 minutes.

I could go on.

The limits to human performance are unknown.

I am 45 years old and the average age of participants in the Ironman distance among the professinols is approximately 35 years. Some people think I am too old, but I have never been more whole as an athlete. I want to prove that age is just a number, and that my place is among the world elite in the Ironman distance among professionals.

In September 2018 I crashed on a mountain descent on my bike and broke my neck, but even that couldn’t stop me.

When I set a goal, I follow it through - all the way.


I have had Pro-licens since I started in 2014.
To be listed in age groups have never really triggered me, especially because you never know what placement you have, before you have crossed the finish line.
In my opinion I have the level to be among the Pro’s.

I reach for the impossible and that is to win a full Ironman

The main objective is obviously World Championship for professional on Hawaii

Fil 05-10-2017 10.46.59_edited.jpg


When I started my training in 2014 I imagined that it would be


but it turned out that swimming with the best will need

"blood sweat and tears"



Due to my past as a professional cyclist, the very same discipline shouldn’t give me many challenges.

Once I could keep a steady average speed of 50km per hour on a 50km time trial,

so it shouldn’t become a problem to keep a 40-44km per hour in average on 180km.

However I learned the lesson that no matter how good you HAVE been,

it’s still a though challenge to find the same level again!!



Regarding the running I feel I am doing great. I run 0.16.19 on 5km and 1.16.45 on half a marathon.

However it’s important to know that in Triathlons the fuel tank is empty when you get to the running part, meaning it becomes more a mental challenges and physical.

Fortunately, my experience as a cyclist will also come in handy here.


Changes in the raceprogram may occur during the year - click on the button to see the program for this year.. 

I am based in Girona, Spain

Girona is a mekka for cyclists and triathlete and more than 200 professionals cyclists is based in Girona.


And also some of the best triathletes ind the world is based in Girona.

It's not unusually that I swim in the same lane as Jan Frodeno, Nick Kastelein, Sebastian Kienle, etc.

I have 10 minutes walk to the 50m pool.

I have perfekt surroundings for running flat or mountains.


And Catalunia I just perfekt for cycling with lots of empty roads(nearly no cars) hilly roads, mountains roads

and also flat roads for doing

the IM Pace.

And then the weather is just awesome.


That makes the surroundings perfect training conditions


Guided Cycling Tours

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