Personal training planning

I can offer you a personalized training program that suits your everyday life, your resources and your sporting goals - whether you are a cyclist, runner or triathlete.

  • Get structure in your workout.

  • Personalized training program tailored to your everyday life.

  • Easier to reach your goals

  • Professional sparring in your training.

  • Training diary in training Peaks

24/7 Support - I don't have different packages to choose from, such as the silver, gold or platinum package etc.

I only have the "All Inclusive" package because in some periods you just need more training guidance.

Especially in the startup or close to competitions, there can be many issues and for that reason you should not be limited by only having a conversation every 14 days.

I am ready to answer questions or change training within 24 hours.

I have been practicing sports at the elite level since I was 12 and was for many years part of the Danish national team in cycling.

I have been riding at the highest level as a professional cyclist with participation in, among others, the Tour de France.

All those years I have been trained, taught and treated by some of the world's best in the world of sports.


And all the knowledge I have collected over the last 30 years I would like to pass on to you.


My level of ambitions is very high both for myself and for the athletes I am coaching.

I work very committed and purposefully and in close cooperation with my athletes, and for me it is important that their everyday life is connected work, family and training. I have seen far too many burning the light at both ends.

No one can perform 110% over a long period of time, which is why personal contact is very important to me, so I always have a sense of your mental and physical condition.


So, if you want the maximum out of the time you invest in your sport, let me help you reach your goals.


“I just want to try and put words into my La Mormette 2018. Of course, it was tremendously hard and I was really really pressed😊 But being faster than my partner and another challenger was a completely indescribable victory. This is due to many things that are difficult to explain, but because it was my last bike race, it was invaluable to end the "career" at the top with a win, and well into a phantom time, measured by my yardstick.


There is no doubt that I have you to thank for being able to achieve this for me invaluable result, so many many thousands of thanks for your help and support. You will never be forgotten 😊”

Kh Per / amateur cyclist

“Hi Bekim

The only thing I haven't had as a bad excuse yet:

On the descent from Galibier, an oak cracked the rear wheel so that it punctured and could not run around anymore      Low to 8: 50-55, but what can it be used for😩😩😩😩    

Calling tomorrow, the training worked, has never ride better than today, vh Carsten”

Carsten / AG triathlet and amateur cyclist

Unlucky La Mamotte participates:

“When I started by being coached by Bekim, I told him that I was convinced that I was one of those who did not have the genes to become good at any sports, as I did not really have any progress in my training. But after 3 years of structured and targeted training by Bekim, I am today a professional cyclist and a part of the Danish elite national team in road cycling.”

Fie Øateby / Pro Cyclist

Río Miera - Cantabria Deporte Uci womens continental team

“I started by being coached by Bekim in 2016.

Here I had done my first Ironman in over 11 hours.

I am a former competition swimmer, so it was cycling and running that needed to be worked on. We have a good working relationship, and this has resulted in a significant increase in my level.

Most recently I've done a sub 9 hours Ironman and running sub 3 hours in the same Ironman.

Bekim is good at making training plans to exactly my level, so I am pushed in my training and develop in all three disciplines.

Triathlon is a sport that requires a big amount of self-discipline and training, but Bekim manages to plan it so there is time and excess in everyday life.”

Lasse Høj / Elite Triahtlet AG 25

2020 has been a very strange year.

It was the year I finished high school, moved from home and raced my first year as a senior in the Danish A-class. It has also been the year where I chose to have Bekim Christensen as a coach, because I wanted to step up to a higher level in cycling.


Bekim helped me combine my high school education, with my sport and ha has made my training program from day to day so there is a good balance in my everyday life. It has meant a lot to me and has made me step up to a higher level, both in terms of strength and mentally.


As a result, I have been able to be at the top of the elite ranks. The structured planning and the good talks have helped me through a very hard and uncertain year, like 2020.

Sabastian Petersenj / Elite cyclist at the Danish contiteam - AURA Energi

I just want to say to you thank you for coaching us!! It was sometimes tough but it was more than worth it. I am also really impressed with what you did with us in ‘just’ 6-7 weeks. That promises something for next year 🤩!! 


It is very cool to see that I can actually still improve a lot and after these 7 weeks I really think that I don’t even know my ownpotential yet and that I can even improve more especially in knowing /learning my boundaries better (and especially if i am not there yet). 


Yesterday I felt very good and we had a perfect start! I was really upfront in the peloton towards the first climb and could keep my position really well. The first climb I had good watts and........

Nr 2 in photo finish in Mallorca 312

So thank you again! I definitely want to work with you as a coach again next year! If you want that too? 😉

Nicolien Luijsterburg / Motions Cykeltytter


Personalized training plan tailored to your goals

120,- EURO/month

  • 1 month training schedule

  • Basic account in Training Peaks

  • Professional personal sparring

  • Individual bike program or

  • individual running program

  • Race planning.

  • Conversation as needed.

  • Support 24/7


Personalized training plan tailored to your goals

200,- EURO/month

  • 1 month training schedule

  • Basic account in Training Peaks

  • Professional personal sparring

  • Individual swim program

  • Individual bike program

  • Individual running program

  • Race planning.

  • Conversation as needed.

  • Support 24/7