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Program Bike Camp Altea Gr.1 


Day 1 - Gaudelest

Easy spin to shake out the travel. Group 1 and 2 are riding the same course. 45 km / 778 elevation.

Dag 1 - 45 km.png
Day 2 - 100 km with 1500 elevation

On day 2 we are doing the climbs Bernia and Sa Creueta

Skærmbillede 2022-03-01 kl. 10.29.18.png
Day 3 - Coll de Rates - 106 km with 1800 elevation

Day 3 we are going to the famous test climb, Coll de Rates. This is a climb used by the pro's for testing and for those who want, they can test themself against the pro's fastest times.

Coll de Rates - 106km 1800 hm.png
Day 4 - Easy spin 25 km 400 elevation.

Very easy spin with a coffee stop in Altea. You are also free to enjoy a day off the bike! Relaxing at the pool or visiting the old town of Altea. 

Rulletur 26 km 400 hm.png
Day 5 - Vall d’Ebo and Tudons - 160 km with 2900 elevation

Day 5 we are going into the highland where we are passing the climbs, Vall d'Ebo in 1000 meters altitude and Port de Tudons

160 km _ 2900 Vall d’Ebo og Tudons.png
Day 6 - Guadalest and Port de Confrides - 105 km with 1900 elevation

On day 6 we are riding through the Guadalest valley, with beautiful views to the dammed lake. Again we are up in more than 1000 meter of altitude. 

105 km _ 2000 hm Guadalest og Port de Confrides.png
Day 7 - Port de Tudons and Puerto de Benifallim - 165 km with 3000 elevation

Day 7 is the camp's queen stage! We are going up the climb, Tudons, but from the other side than on day 5. We are passing the +1000 altitude twice on this route when we are passing Puerto de Benifallim.

165 km 3000 hm Port de Tudons og Puerto de Benifallim.png



Program Bike Camp Altea Gr.1