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35 years of experience


Personal Coaching for Triathletes and Cyclists from beginners to Professionals

Personal Training Planning and Coaching

For me, the personal contact is the most important thing in a coaching process and I am available 24/7 and therefore also have a maximum of 15 athletes.

With my 35 years of experience in cycling with the Tour de France participation as my highlight, I have been through a lot and therefore also learned how to tackle most challenges.

It is rare that the road to success is without bumps in the road and at times it may be necessary to have daily conversations or other communication between coach and athlete. Periods where the training plan must be adjusted daily and here the athlete has my full support.

In training, we talk a lot about TSS (training stress), but I believe that you should look at all the stress we are exposed to in daily life and not just the training stress. I believe it is important to balancing the daily life with study, work, family and training, to be able to perform your best and get the best out of your training. 


How does it work

  • Book a non-binding conversation with me where you will get answers to your questions and where we will quickly sense whether we are a match as an athlete / coach, because just as you choose who you want to be coached by, I must also see if I can help you with your goal.

  • If we choose to start up together, I will send you a document to fill out (Athlete Profile)

  • You will be connected to my Training Peaks coach account. If you do not have a TP account, you get a free basic account

  • We will then have a start-up conversation.

  • After that, I start creating training sessions in Training Peaks, but only a few days at a time until I know you

  • During the first few weeks you will need to do some different watt tests so I have a power profile on you.

  • From here we communicate on Training Peaks in the comment field and via mobile on Whats App

  • Many people send me their work/life schedule for the next week on Sunday so I can tailor the training

24/7 Support - I don't have different packages to choose from, such as the silver, gold or platinum package etc.

For some periods you need more training guidance than other periods, and if you just can't complete the training one day, it is important to have a dialogue with your coach about whether the following training sessions in the week should be changed.


Especially at the beginning or leading up to competitions, there can be many questions and then you should not be limited by only having an email correspondence or conversation once a month.

I am always ready to answer questions or change the training and usually within 24 hours.

Who is Bekim Christensen?

I have been practicing sports at the elite level since I was 12 and was for many years part of the Danish national team in cycling.

I have been riding at the highest level as a professional cyclist with participation in, among others, the Tour de France.

All those years I have been coached, taught and treated by some of the world's best in the world of sports.


And all the knowledge I have collected over the last 35 years I would like to pass on to you.


My level of ambitions is very high both for myself and for the athletes I am coaching.

I work very committed and purposefully and in close cooperation with my athletes, and for me it is important that their everyday life is connected work, family and training. I have seen far too many burning the light at both ends.

No one can perform 110% over a long period of time, which is why personal contact is very important to me, so I always have a sense of your mental and physical condition.


So, if you want the maximum out of the time you invest in your sport, let me help you reach your goals.

Lasse Høj / Elite Triatlet AG 25

“I started by being coached by Bekim in 2016.

Here I had done my first Ironman in over 11 hours.

I am a former competition swimmer, so it was cycling and running that needed to be worked on. We have a good working relationship, and this has resulted in a significant increase in my level.

Most recently I've done a sub 9 hours Ironman and running sub 3 hours in the same Ironman.

Bekim is good at making training plans to exactly my level, so I am pushed in my training and develop in all three disciplines.

Triathlon is a sport that requires a big amount of self-discipline and training, but Bekim manages to plan it so there is time and excess in everyday life.

In 2022 i won IM Hamburg in 8h34m and qualify for Kona”


150,- euro 

  • 1 month training program

  • Basic account in Training Peaks

  • Professional personal coaching

  • Individual training planning 

  • Race planning.

  • Conversations as needed.

  • Support 24/7

  • Discounts on products from my business partners,

  • 1 mdr. coaching €150

  • 3 mdr. coaching €405

  • 6 mdr. coaching €750


250,- euro

  • 1 month training program

  • Basic account in Training Peaks

  • Professional personal coaching

  • Individual swim program

  • Individual cycling program

  • Individual running program

  • Race planning

  • Conversations as needed.

  • Support 24/7

  • Discounts on products from my business partners,

  • 1 month coaching €250

  • 3 months coaching €650

  • 6 months coaching €1,250

  • All amounts include 21% Spanish VAT

  • All training plans should be paid in advance on a monthly basis for 1, 3 or 6 months.

  • There is 1 month notice on training planning

If you want training without coach support, I have a collaborations with TRILARO

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