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1 month - Personal Training - Triathlon
  • 1 month - Personal Training - Triathlon

    I can offer you a personalized training program that suits your everyday life, your resources and your sporting goals.


    • Get structure in your workout.

    • Personalized training program tailored to your everyday life.

    • Easier to reach your goals

    • Professional sparring in your training.

    • Training diary in training Peak


    I have been practicing sports at the elite level since I was 12 and was for many years part of the Danish national team in cycling.

    I have been riding at the highest level as a professional cyclist with participation in, among others, the Tour de France.

    All those years I have been trained, taught and treated by some of the world's best in the world of sports.


    And all the knowledge I have collected over the last 30 years I would like to pass on to you.


    My level of ambitions is very high both for myself and for the athletes I am coaching.

    I work very committed and purposefully and in close cooperation with my athletes, and for me it is important that their everyday life is connected work, family and training. I have seen far too many burning the light at both ends.

    No one can perform 110% over a long period of time, which is why personal contact is very important to me, so I always have a sense of your mental and physical condition.


    So, if you want the maximum out of the time you invest in your sport, let me help you reach your goals

    • 1 month training schedule

    • Basic account in Training Peaks

    • Professional personal sparring

    • Individual swim program

    • Individual bike program

    • Individual running program

    • Race planning and conversation before competitions.

    • Support 24/7

    € 250,00Pris
    Tri træning
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