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Astronaut training

What is Astronaut Training

 Build Muscle by Imagining Yourself Working Out

What if you could get buff by imagining yourself lifting weights?


Or get better at running, swimming, cycling etc.

just by thought alone


Researchers have found that mental imagery can help you gain muscle without lifting a finger.

One study in particular found that people who imagined themselves working out were able to gain 24% more muscle strength. People who actually lifted weights saw better results, but the research shows mental training can provide some serious changes to muscle mass.


Mental Training Increases Physical Strength


It all starts with a thought. And when we learn to walk or swim, the technique starts in our brain by watching others do it. In the mind we can make everything perfect and the more we practice it in our thoughts the better we become at it.

It is proven that we can improve our technical skills by training mentally. By imagining we do it in our thoughts (meditation) But did you know that you can also increase muscle strength through meditation. Exercise in mind.

I call it Astronaut Training.


Study proves that mental training alone can produce a gain in muscular strength. A small group of male university athletes, including football, basketball and rugby players, were randomly assigned to perform mental training of their hip flexor muscles, to use weight machines to physically exercise their hip flexors, or to form a control group which received neither mental nor physical training. The hip strength of each group was measured before and after training. Physical strength was increased by 24% through mental practice (p = .008). Strength was also increased through physical training, by 28%, but did not change significantly in the control condition. The strength gain was greatest among the football players given mental training. Mental and physical training produced similar decreases in heart rate, and both yielded a marginal reduction in systolic blood pressure.

North American Journal of Psychology;2007, Vol. 9 Issue 1, p189

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Let me introduce you for what I call Astronaut training

. Astronaut training simply means doing very specific physical training in the mind. This is how the astronauts train when they are in space where they are limited in their physical training.


My experience with mental swim, bike and run training goes back to the time I had a herniated in 2015 and when I broke my neck in 2018. Both times I was unable to exercise at all, therefore I tried to find an alternative way to maintain my training and this I succeeded very successfully through my training in mind.


Now it's time to share my experiences. In these Corona times, many athletes are unable to doing their physical training - especially swimming as swimming pools are closed.


I wish to help people still be able to exercise and to maintain their physical fitness.

I would like to share some very specific periods where my mental training has had a fantastic impact and helped me in my recovery. 


When I had the herniate in 2015 I became paralyzed in my left leg and I couldn't run or ride my bike. For 7 months I struggled from not being able to walk to be able run up to 400m.

But when I started running in my thoughts, I went from being able to run 400m to be running 5km nonestop in just one week!

The same thing happened when I broke my neck - I used astronaut training for up to 3 hours a day. 


Recently I gave the same program to one of my athletes, he was very skeptical but still followed my guidance and here is what Sune says:


“I’ve had problems with my calves and tibia for 3-4 months, without any real progress. Bekim talked about his own experiences with meditation and asked me to do it as well. It took some times before I could really figure it out, but when it happened, it was a very special experience. I was swearing of my "stupid tibia" after another bad run, but Bekim said I should give it some love and positive thoughts. After that, I did a meditation where I really focused on it, and went running the day after. Here the pain was almost gone. After that, I also started mental running, and the pain is now completely gone.

I just got started on mental swimming meditation, which I think works super well. I am looking forward to seeing the results. ”


Har prøvet løbe meditationen to gange nu (i den her uge).

I dag hørte jeg den i morges efterfulgt af svane-meditationen - og her i formiddag da jeg løb mit interval pas, gik både mine intervaller godt - OG jeg lavede pr på 10 km 


PR var ikke et mål - og da slet ikke ifm et intervalpas, så jeg er både overrasket og vildt stolt over at kunne presse mig selv - uden at føle mig presset af mig selv.

Jeg plejer at kalde mig selv Sneglen fra Snejbjerg.

Corona tiden har mig givet mig ro til at prøve meditationerne af.

Nu må jeg se at få prøvet cykel meditationen også.

Tænker det ville glæde dig at høre 

I. Hjøllund / Motions løber

Astronaut Produkter
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