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Always follow your dreams!!

Everyone have a dream, but too many dreams end up in the graveyard because people are afraid to fail.

But why is it that we look the most of all the things that can go wrong.

Instead we have to change focus and look on what can go good.

But sometimes follow our dream means that we have too close a door, and for many people including me, that can be really scary.

But as soon as we have closed the door, other doors starts to open.

So many things can go wrong in life, but as they say “where focus goes, energy flows” and that means that what you are focusing on you will attract into your life.

Like when your driving a car and there is something you dont like to hit, THEN DO NOT LOOK AT IT, because then the risk of hitting it is so much bigger...

The same with our thoughts - so start discipline your thoughts and start only to focus on all the good things that can happen in life, and all the things you want in your life🌞

If you are looking for security, you better stay home, because as soon as you’re walking out of the front door it gets dangerous😉

But if you want adventure in your life you’re just have to go out and meet the world.

3 years ago I was forced to say goodbye to the Danish social security system because I had a backspin injury.

And if I wanted any help from the social security system I had to give up my dream of becoming one of best the long distance triathletes in the world.

I was injured and could hardly walk. But still I managed to find the necessary sponsors to follow my dream of becoming a world class triathlete.

2 years ago i could not afford to pay the rent in my apartment, so if i wanted to follow my dream i had to find a sollotion that would fit my goal of becoming one of the best triathletes in the world. I managed to find a sponsor who gave me a motorhome for 6 month (BASE Erhverv and TJ Camper) and another sponsor is storing all my furnitures and all my personal stuff in a ware house.(Nettolager)

27. of september i had an accident on a downhill in Lucca Italy where i crashed on a downhill and broke my neck... And i was found lifeless in the middle of the road by some passing car. But even that did not make me stop, because I have a dream that one day will change peoples perception of age.

Exactly 1 year ago, 31.1.2019 i moved to Girona, Spain as the next step pursue my dream.

Now one year later i am starting up a business together with my girlfriend making Coaching and training camps for cyclists, triathletes, trail runners, swimmers etc. And we do that because that can help us make an income, without giving up our dream.

My girlfriend Fie Østerby is a professionel cyclist who have her qualities in the mountains, and that is one of the reasons we moved to Spain.

I won’t say that it has been easy, there have been many ups and downs.

But I never regret a thing - and my dream is still alive...

Always follow your dreams - and you heart ❤️

I owe all those who support me a giant thanks - I am so grateful and blessed 🙏🏻

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